Brooklyn Navy Yard

For much of America's history, the Brooklyn Navy Yard served as a major shipbuilding site for the United States Navy. Today, it's a major economic area, with a commercial and industrial complex producing a multitude of products. From art studios like 811 Studios and Beth Campbell Studio to nonprofits like Brooklyn Workforce Innovations and wholesalers like Far East Empire, there is something here for everyone.

Brooklyn Navy Yard


The Brooklyn Navy Yard is home to over 400 businesses employing more than 9,000 people. It is a model of viable, urban industrial progress, generating over $2 billion per year. Its goal is to support the economy of New York, and its diverse variety of tenants illustrates its success. With businesses in the technology, design, artisanal, and film/media sectors, the Yard is a place where success thrives.

Welcoming Wegman's

Family-owned regional grocer Wegman's Food Market has officially joined the Brooklyn Navy Yard family. This 74,000-square-foot grocery store is the first one opened in New York City, and the 101st store to open in this brand's century-long history.